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WRHS presents top awards

Walnut Ridge High School held its annual Celebration of Excellence on the evening of May 17 in the Community Center auditorium.

Among the honors presented were the General Excellence Awards and Leadership Awards, which were presented by Principal Charles Lee. The General Excellence Awards recipients are Rob Rainwater and Beth Massey. Winners of the Freda Willmuth Leadership Award are Taylor Hicks and Sarah Rogers

Citizenship Award winners are as follows:

12th grade - winners, Cody Brady, Elyssa Davis; runners-up, Taylor Hicks, Dallin Ginn, Rob Rainwater, Shane Duckworth, Beth Massey, Sarah Rogers, Amanda Emison, Amber Lee.

11th grade - winners, Jake Smith, Shalia McCall; runners-up, Alex Long, Clay Hufstedler, Blake Ross, Steven Jackson, Tayler Ginn, Daniel Vaughn, Celea Jones, Jeri Poole.

10h grade - winners, Dylan Medlock, Candis White; runners-up, Logan Brady, Hunter Yates, Payton Poole, Eric Wilcoxson, Holley Yates, Allison Bridges, Brittney Pinkston, Vanessa Flack.

Ninth grade - winners, Dylan Smith, Anna Bland; runners-up, Edward Harthorn, Cole Hicks, Cody Reithemeyer, Brandon Rone, Josh Sands, Jodie Reithemeyer, Hannah Massey, Sabrina Knight, Jessica Magee, Heather Melton.

Those recognized for all A's for the school year were: ninth grade, Anna Bland, Edward Harthorn, Cole Hicks, Caroline Kelley, Sabrina Knight, Hannah Massey; 10th grade, Logan Brady, Nick Rice; 12th grade, Cody Brady, Taylor Hicks, Beth Massey, Rob Rainwater.

Scholarship recipients were also announced.

Class awards presented A high school awards assembly was held that afternoon for class awards. Recipients are as follows:

Pre AP English 9 - winners, Edward Harthorn, Hannah Massey; runners-up, David Ryan, Anna Bland.

English 9 - winners, Dylan Smith, Michele Cue; runners-up, Eston Allen, Angel Burton.

Pre AP English 10 - winners, Nick Rice, Holley Yates; runners-up Range Weeks, Holly Looney.

English 10 - winner, Vanessa Flack; runner-up, Shantel Butts.

English 11 - winners, Zach Carson, Allyson Smith; runners-up, Garrett Liles, Amanda Pickney.

AP English 11 - winner, Tayler Ginn; runner-up, Shalia McCall.

English 12 - winners, Cody Brady, Autumn Keeling; runner-up Erica Cheatham.

AP English 12 - winners, Rob Rainwater, Beth Massey; runners-up, Taylor Hicks, Sarah Rogers.

Oral Communications - winners, Rowdy Ditto, Beth Massey; runners-up, Zach Collier, Sarah Rogers, Coda Pierce.

Drama - winners, Dallin Ginn, Cody Brady, Kasie Hammond, Rikki Lash; runners-up, Justin Anglin, Richie Ward, Audrey McElrath, Amanda Emison.

Journalism - winner, Coda Pierce; runner-up, Ashton Lawson.

Spanish I - winners, Clay Hufstedler, Jessica Magee; runners-up, Nick Rice, Brooke Midgett.

Spanish II - winners, Cody Brady, Allyson Smith; runners-up, Richie Ward, Jacquelynn Reeves.

Spanish III - winners, Shane Duckworth, Torei Ditto; runners-up, James Kapales, Amber Lee, Tosha Hardin.

Algebra B - winners, Cody Reithemeyer, Mary Beth Sherrill; runners-up, Doug Sosbe, Anna Fender.

Algebra I - winner, Samantha Wills.

Pre AP Algebra II - winners, Logan Brady, Holly Looney; runner-up, Nick Rice.

Algebra II - winners, Tyler Easton, Brittney Pinkston; runners-up, Dylan Medlock, Holley Yates.

Transition to College Math - winner, Cody Brady.

Geometry - winners, Edward Harthorn, Anna Bland; runners-up, Dylan Smith, Hannah Massey.

Trig./Pre-Calculus - winners, Clay Hufstedler, Shalia McCall; runners-up, Alex Long, Anna Griffin.

AP Calculus - winners, Rob Rainwater, Beth Massey; runners-up, Taylor Hicks, Sarah Rogers.

Finite Math - winner, Allyson Smith; runner-up, Amber Lee.

Pre AP Physical Science - winners, Edward Harthorn, Anna Bland; runners-up, Cody Reithemeyer, Sabrina Knight, Hannah Massey.

Physical Science - winners, Josh Sands, Caroline Kelley; runners-up, Cole Hicks, Jessica Magee.

Biology - winners, Logan Brady, Vanessa Flack; runners-up, Nick Rice, Brittney Pinkston.

AP Biology - winners, Taylor Hicks, Beth Massey; runners-up, Cody Brady, Sarah Rogers.

Anatomy & Physiology - winners, Eric Huff, Nicole Jarrett; runners-up, Brandon Nettles, Kayla Kellett, Briana Hall.

Chemistry - winners, Clay Hufstedler, Allyson Smith; runners-up, Alex Long, Shalia McCall.

Physics - winners, Taylor Hicks, Autumn Keeling.

Pre AP Civics - winners, Edward Harthorn, Anna Bland; runners-up, Dylan Smith, Caroline Kelley.

Civics - winners, Cody Reithemeyer, Mary Beth Sherrill; runners-up, Josh Sands, Jodie Reithemeyer.

Economics - winners, Edward Harthorn, Anna Bland; runners-up, Cody Reithemeyer, Sabrina Knight.

AP Government - winners, Taylor Hicks, Beth Massey; runners-up, Rob Rainwater, Autumn Keeling.

U.S. Government - winners, Blake Ross, Nick Rice, Amber Lee, Ashton Lawson; runners-up Rickie Ward, Eric Wilcoxson, Brittney Pinkston, Whitney Ward.

American History - winners, Clay Hufstedler, Tayler Ginn; runners-up, Tyler Dickson, Allyson Smith.

World History - winners, Payton Poole, Holley Yates; runner-up, Brittney Pinkston.

AP World History - winners, Nick Rice, Holly Looney; runner-up, Logan Brady.

Band - winners, Shane Duckworth, Sarah Rogers; runners-up, James Kapales, Cheyanne Stayton.

Art I - winners, Edward Harthorn, Allyson Smith; runners-up, Dakota Krueger, Samantha Wills.

Art II - winners, Clay Hufstedler, Amanda Emison; runners-up, Chris Jones, Angel Portero.

Art III - winners, Bo Moore, Jeri Poole; runner-up, Celea Jones.

Art IV - winner, Elyssa Davis.

Girls Music - winner, Hannah Fultner; runners-up, Chellen Cook, Torei Ditto, Angel Gipson.

Boys Music - winner, Zech Bennett; runners-up, Zach Collier, Range Weeks, Harley Light.

Physical Education - winners, Doug Sosbe, Hannah Massey; runners-up, Gage Ditto, Sabrina Knight.

Health - winners, Cole Hicks, Caroline Kelley; runners-up, Edward Harthorn, Anna Bland.

Family and Consumer Science - winners, Eric Huff, Hannah Massey.

Leadership and Service Learning - winner, Hannah Massey.

Personal and Family Finance - winner, Beth Massey.

Nutrition and Wellness - winner, Jeri Poole.

Food and Nutrition - winner, Nicole Jarrett.

Housing - winner, Autumn Keeling.

Parenting - winner, Hali McQuay.

Computer Business Applications - winners, Cole Hicks, Jodie Reithemeyer; runners-up, Dylan Smith, Edward Harthorn, Jessica Magee.

Desktop Publishing - winners, Payton Poole, Catherine Cox; runners-up, Rowdy Ditto, Sarah Rogers.

Management - winners, Taylor Hicks, Sarah Rogers; runners-up, Chris Dickson, Autumn Keeling.

Work Experience - winner, Shasta Green.

Ag Science & Technology - winners, Josh Sands, Makayla Daniels; runners-up, Dylan Smith, Angel Travis.

Ag Mechanics - winner, Alex Teel; runner-up, Eric Simms.

Ag Electronics - winner, Preston Matthews; runner-up, Tyler Easton.

Ag Metals - winner, Logan Brady; runner-up, Hunter Ingram.

Plant Science - winners, James Kapales, Ashley Baker; runner-up, Shawn Segraves.

Animal Science - winners, Hunter Yates, Celea Jones; runners-up, Brandon Nettles, Hali McQuay.

Natural Resources - winner, Preston Matthews; runner-up, Scott Bata.

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